TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #94 Priorities

EPI 94 Priorities/Description What’s your priority? Long life. Enough money to support your family? Fresh Water? Infrastructure? Healthcare?  In California there’s a recall. A vocal and active minority have the Law on their side to recall Gov Newsom. Is it your priority to Vote overwhelmingly for him?  Is it your priority to stop Covid outbreaks? … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #94 Priorities

TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s #87 “We” Can do Spirit!

The possible & what is. Looking at our World and mentioning other Country’s approaches to issues that concern us. Making the case for treatment of employees with dignity & respect. People need understanding, a social safety net and often a monetary cushion to look for work to become more productive & self reliant. Listen to … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s #87 “We” Can do Spirit!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Hailstorms in Texas & Oklahoma may have caused $1 Billion in damages. Any doubts we need Infrastructure to prevent further damage? If we don’t curb Fossil Fuels, we won’t be flying anywhere. The weather extremes may interfere with flight. It’s far easier to concentrate on High speed rail, light rail and electric buses for transportation for trips less than 1000 miles.

TheVoiceOfJoyce This Bipartisan plan taxes the Lower & middle classes instead of giving them incentives to purchase electric cars. What’s wrong with a taxable income for hedge funds, a tax on airline fuels, investment taxes on incomes over a Million? Derivative transactions tax and removal of Big Farm & Fossil Fuel subsidiaries, unless they go Renewable energy and lower emissions. Taxing the burdened people is not an option!

TheVoiceOfJoyce They’re saying we need major change and we do. The technology exists for light rail and that should take precedence over driverless cars. We need speed & less pollution. That eliminates air travel. We can’t fly international for years. Might as well make it easy for folks to travel to work. Supplement the purchase of electric vehicles and return subsidies to Fossil Fuels that transition to green energy. A win win for Everyone

TheVoiceOfJoyce Air pollution is a major contributor to poor health in minority communities. It’s most prevalent in Fairbanks, Alaska & LA. Fires are depleting our ozone, coupled with other particulate matter , our Nations air is destroyed by shipping ports, weather extremes and Carbon Emissions. Infrastructure, besides fixing our transportation & critical infrastructure, must address Fossil fuel transition , clean air and clean water.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Feeling sorry for the Fossil Fuel industries, don’t! They took $8.2 Billion in loans to maintain payrolls & laid of 58,000 people. The even took $30 million in PPP money meant for small businesses. They’re due to sunset in 15 yrs. it may be sooner, if Americans & the planet are to survive Carbon and Methane emissions. The new Infrastructure bill will add clean energy jobs. Think Electric and public transportation. We’re entering a new age!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Australia’s continuing weather saga, all because Fossil Fuel Corporations hid the truth from us. They knew their fuels were toxic to the environment 50 yrs ago and refused to acknowledge the onslaught ofpollutants, weather extremes and suffering many would feel. Loss of our homes, sickness, disease, loss of food supplies. Our lives worsened as they perpetuated their lies. We’re paying for using fossil fuels now. As our weather extremes continue, we’re personally undergoing other changes, infertility, deformities and eventually, we’ll be like the People in the movie “ Children of Men”. A world with no new births in 18 years. Dystopian future? It’s here. Acknowledge the fact and go sustainable energy. It’s never too late to change.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Air pollution caused 350,000 deaths in the USA. The Oil & Gas documents show the Corporations knew that large & small particles gets into our Lungs and the smaller the particle, the more damage is done. Rulings came out against fine particles in 1997, it was known 30 yrs early by Bi Oil. Alzheimer’s, lung cancer, asthma are all caused by small particles. Women working in oil and gas plants had fertility problems & deformed kids. Our choice, is going electric, wind, solar, 4 th generation nuclear & hydrogen power.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Can’t drilling in the Alaskan Refuge be blocked by Lawsuits? When the rest of the World realizes we’re in a Climate Crisis. Why persist in further environmental destruction? To save mankind, we have to embrace a low Carbon footprint. Trump is denying Climate crisis, same as he’s denying Covid-19 destruction & suffering. “We the People “ are not benefitting from his policies.