AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The intense heat in California is hurting the poor. They don’t have enough money to pay for air conditioning and oxygen. Too many poor people are in harms way and this year the heat and fires are very intense and effecting people simultaneously. The fires have spread from California, to Montana, Washington & Oregon. It’s difficult to escape the overwhelming heat and fires. Now, the coasts are being lashed by a tropical storm. Flash floods are threatening the San Diego area. All three weather extremes are occurring simultaneously. What are our next steps? Climate Change is upon us. Can we afford to be only reactive? The choice is our.

TheVoiceOfJoyce China suffering severe drought and is offering assistance to farmers to help maintain their meager supplies. While they’re using coal in the short term, they’re investing heavily in R&D to be energy and food sufficient. Before Putin’s War on Ukraine, they we’re getting corn imports from the Ukraine. They’ve also invested in large vertical farms. Hydropower is unfortunately an option. Like most of Europe, their rivers are running dry. In the mid west and west, America has seen 1000 yr floods, 5 times in 5 weeks, the water doesn’t sink into the parched land. There must be a way to contain some of this excess water for future use. More flooding will occur, be prepared. The droughts, floods, fires are a Global concern. Earth is experiencing a weather extreme emergency and we the People, must seize this opportunity to change , establish R& D centers and get to Zero emission’s as quickly as possible. More mining, to disrupt our water supply may not be advantageous, we need new technologies and a way to encourage soil growth and water conservation.

TheVoiceOfJoyce California weather hitting 100 degrees Fahrenheit and straining their electric grid. People must cut back on electric and water usage. Washington State is also experiencing 100 degree days. Is this a Climate catastrophe and a reason to invoke a Climate emergency? What are the short term plans to capture moisture or water from deluges? How will these states continue to grow vegetables under this intense heat? Can fields by shielded by solar panels? Can less water intensive plantings be used? Our future is here. It’s time to invest in new ideas and new jobs to mitigate the effects of fossil fuels.

TheVoiceOfJoyce I quite agree, the Planet is in a Climate Emergency now! It was predicted, by the Frank Press report in 1977, that the year 2000 on, would experience Climate Heat, flooding, die offs of life unprecedented. It’s happening now. 2000 died last week in Spain and Portugal. Billions of marine life died in the Warm Pacific Ocean and off the Coral reefs of Australia. Water resources are diminishing. Crops are dying in the West, EU, Asia, India, Africa. When will our Politicians notice and start our path to alternative clean energy? Why are we still Subsidizing the Fossil Fuel Industry at $16Billion a day? A $Trillion dollars to Fossil Fuels would be better spent on transitioning Coal Mines to Solar and Wind Energy, utilizing people and clean energy now! How many have to die, before our Countries take Climate Action seriously?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The new norm in Climate heating has Catastrophic consequences. Both poles are heating simultaneously, the Planet is heating up from America’s West, Mid West to the South and Spain is too hot as well, then there’s India! Along the route of these massive heat waves living is intolerable, theirs loss of power, loss of water, productivity is down, in India , 15-35% of their wheat is destroyed, if you’re outdoors you can’t work, if you’re at school you can’t learn, if you’re a fragile bird, you’ll die. Many are dying in this heat. Our Global temperature has risen 1.2 degrees Celsius. This is a man made problem. Fossil Fuels are causing the Carbon and Methane Emissions that heat our Planet by depleting our ability to block the Sunlight. Urbanization exacerbates our heating problem. We need more green spaces to live and a plan to end our dependence on Fossil Fuels!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The G7 is still acting as if time is on our side. The Carbon Bombs must be stopped. They’ll increase Global Heating. They’re agreeing to not fund coal and put Billions into renewables. However, most Fossil Fuel Corporations will escape the UK windfall tax. There needs to be an urgent commitment to renewable energy, now with phasing out of Fossil Fuels. Coal is heavily used in India and other regions. Earth is one linked system, nothing is contained in one area. We’re interconnected and should brainstorm innovation together!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Shell equally culpable of misinformation on Climate Change and their Corporate Goals. They intend to actively extract new gas and oil knowing their emissions will harm the environment. At some point, extraction and use will be a tipping point for accelerated warming! How can we prevent climate disasters now! We already have the 1300 yr drought and explosive fires. How many more people have to die before we develop Mitigation policies?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Exxon Mobil to face criminal charges in their attempt to cover up their part in Global Warming. They’ve known for 50 years Fossil Fuel emissions cause Global Warming and continued to cover up the Scientific Facts. They’re on Social Media platforms today continuously sowing doubt and Climate Change Denial. Their websites and Shell’s should be removed from these platforms and only truth allowed. Their cover up of Global Warming is leading to the death and displacement of millions. The Fossil Fuel Industry knowingly committed crimes against humanity! Why are they still receiving a Trillion Dollars in Subsidies? P

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Executive consultant quits Shell oil after 11 years, stating Publicly, Shell has no intention of leaving their business. Shell intends to continue to extract and produce oil and gas. Their goals are in conflict with sustaining life!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Global warming is destroying our lives. Few in Pakistan and India can endure these punishing temperatures. They can no longer export wheat, when crops are shriveled from the heat. World famine is a self imposed tragedy. The quicker we wean ourselves off dirty fuels , the quicker we’ll be able to live in comfort. Change must come for living a better life. We can no longer rely on coal and fossil fuels!