AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 136: “Cheap Speech”

A challenge: Listen to others who don’t agree with you or are politically opposite! 

Before there was the internet and “cheap speech”,  there were Newspapers! Investigative journalists were everywhere; Locally, Congress, the cities and rural areas.

Now we get our news from our friends and trusted “news sites “.  Newspapers are almost extinct. My question: Can you trust what you read or hear? Is it the truth? 

What I read primarily: The Guardian, The Financial Times & investigative online sources, not necessarily current news, Pro Publica, The Brennan Law Center, The Marshall Project and Scientific American. Then I turn to America’s Newspapers, for filler. 

Why am I interested in the news? Cheap Speech is destroying our Democracy. It’s creating Disinformation (lies) & Misinformation (eschewing of the truth) and it doesn’t end there!

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