TheVoiceOfJoyce: The Planet is heating rapidly. Dry conditions in Europe are seeing fires from Portugal to France and intense heat over 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures even in England. More people hospitalized for heat stroke. While in Alaska, less people are effected and so far 3 million acres of forest have been destroyed. The forest floor is hot and dry and coal, or peat, deep under the forest floor is burning. The pollution is effecting everyone’s health. People must wear respirators outdoors to avoid burning their lungs. Fires are still raging in California, too! NYC is experiencing one week of intense heat and tropical thunderstorms. Scientists are watching these conditions, CO 2 Emissions are rising. We can’t afford not to take notice of these events. More importantly, we must start implementing changes that stabilize the Planets warming trend. We need water and food, clean air & clean water. Don’t watch, act to improve our lives. The planet improved tremendously in one year of theLockdown, start integrating Solar and Wind turbines with the electric grid, using the Coal mine infrastructure. Start now and save lives.

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