TheVoiceOfJoyce: The War in Ukraine is on going and Russia claims they’re not ready for peace talks. Putin’s agenda, no matter how much destruction of the Ukrainian land, is most likely, The Ports & Donbas. More arms flowing to Zelensky. The Grains? Turkey’s position on Sweden & Finland, the Kurds? Russian oil is now flowing back to the EU at 40% Capacity. Blame some Rapacious politicians for your reliance on oil and start thinking seriously about supplemental energy production. As we find out the “ hard way” , Our lives depend on us reducing our Carbon footprint. Start now, insist all Carbon & methane leaks at facilities are capped or fines levied! Integrate Solar & wind turbines into the electric grid, by using old coal mine infrastructure for their integration ! We’re not powerless, we merely have to think quickly and strategically to save our people and resources.

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