TheVoiceOfJoyce Are we in the beginning of the last phase of Putin’s War? Will Ukrainian counterattacks successfully push back against Russian occupation to reclaim territory? Will Ukrainian wheat make a successful journey out of the southern Ports? What does Putin mean, when he wants his agriculture freed, too. Erdogan is meeting with Putin, the World should know the outcome of his talks. Is Putin over reaching in Ukraine, for a negotiating stance he can live with. Will the World ever stand up to bullying, especially , when every economy and environment is effected? This War was a War of opportunity for Russia. Putin expected no opposition, he’s bombed Ukrainian cities with the intent to destroy their infrastructure and humanitarian supplies routes. The Ukrainian and Russian people are collateral damage. Putin is conquering Ukrainian land and will annex, whoever & whatever , is left. Meanwhile, Zelensky has purged government of Collaborators and is on the offensive. What will a win look like?

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