TheVoiceOfJoyce Ministers are fighting back Climate Change denial, delay & uncertainty in Southern Communities and West Virginia. They’re adding Solar Panels to their Churches and re greening their properties with flowers, trees and plants native to the area. They’re starting small but they might want to add a movie night for discussion? The documentary “ Big Oil” produced in 3 Parts by the BBC & aired on PBS Frontline, is now streaming on Amazon prime. Ministers can also, lead the way to energy conversion of decommissioned coal mines. Solar Panels and Wind Turbines can integrate with existing infrastructure and produce jobs and sustainable energy. There are cycles in industry. Man and science evolve and as we discover better forms of energy, they replace the old. That is the nature of scientific discovery. Trust in our future. If we desire to survive & thrive, a lot can be accomplished, even in a year. Lockdown improved Hawaiian waters and brought back song birds to many towns. Change is occurring and that’s good. After over a 100 yrs of fossil fuels dominating our grid, it’s time to move on. The Scientists of the late 1970’s were right, the year 2000 would see an exponential rise in CO2 Emissions and that would cause catastrophic warming effects. It’s happening today and it’s cheaper to move forward with many alternatives, rather than rely on Fossil Fuels for our power!

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