TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 166 and the Ukrainian Counteroffensive has begun. More wheat leaves Southern Ports. Zelensky and the UN want the Nuclear Power Plant to be a military free zone, not a launching pad for Russian missiles! The danger of a radioactive event is high. Meanwhile, as Ukrainian refugees, pour into other Countries, even Finland, Russia wants to hold a Referendum on Donetsk sovereignty. It’s too early for Referendums, peace and a cease fire should come first, then a real referendum should be voted upon by all citizens of the region, not just Russian puppets. Unfortunately, peace is not in the air and Russia is moving troops to solidify their hold on the Ukrainian Southern Ports. The Ukrainians are preparing for their offensive and supply routes are being cut. If Ukrainians feel Nationalistic, they have good reason. Many may remember, The Famine and Genocide, forced upon them by Joesph Stalin. Too bad Erdogan couldn’t persuade Putin to negotiate for Peace.

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