TheVoiceOfJoyce The American Dream? In the 70’ & 80’s border towns, in Texas, sprung up with promises of a home and good paying jobs. Mexicans became US citizens, marginalized, like 2.5 million other citizens surviving in poor rural communities without water. Finally, after 40+ yrs, non profits, not the EPA, are bringing clean waters to Latino and indigenous families. This was supposed to be their ticket out of poverty . A home of your own and citizenship, a low paying home and no water. These hardships prevented their kids from leaving home to pursue a better life. Now with the advent of water, coming to one Texas community, 2200 out of 840,000 others, scattered along the Texas border, some kids are finally leaving. You are all citizens, raise your voices, vote and vote for change. You can make a difference. Don’t remain silent.

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