TheVoiceOfJoyce Though fierce fighting continues for Ukrainian territories, Russian forces aren’t taking much territory. They’re suffering heavy casualties. Though, undeterred, with 20% of the Country’s population in Diaspora, Putin insists on holding referendums for Russian sovereignty? Russia is also, getting Iranian drones to help with targeting missile sites. Meanwhile, at least 10 ships of grain and foodstuffs have left Ukrainian ports. Lebanon rejected their shipment of wheat and the ship will be re routed to another Country in need. As the fighting continues, no cease fires or Peace talks planned. Russia stops normal operations of mutual inspections of the US and Russian nuclear arsenals. Russia has not relinquished their capture of Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plant, which should be declared off limits for military activities! A plot to murder key Ukrainian personnel by Russia, has been uncovered and averted with the incarceration of the perpetrators. Cease fire, when?

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