AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Call me an optimist, but I think, strategically, Ukraine’s counteroffensive is working. A Russian air base in Crimea was struck yesterday and several Russian planes were destroyed. The EU , Swiss, UK are all banning together to help the Ukrainians. The UN is declaring the Occupied Nuclear Power Plant off limits for Russian occupation. It’s too dangerous! It has the capacity to be accidentally shelled, unleashing nuclear power, Grains are traveling to their destinations and Wheat will be shipped next week. The Russian and Ukrainian positions have been staked out and it’s time to negotiate a cease fire. Since Switzerland is not considered neutral by Russia, perhaps Turkey and the UN can continue to speak to both sides. Ukrainian unified resistance is difficult for Putin to ignore. The pawns, 6500 children evacuated to Russia and Ukrainians deported there, would be part of the cease fire and a negotiated “peace” process with Putin.

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