TheVoiceOfJoyce Europe is experiencing the worst drought in 500 yrs and it hasn’t ended yet. Manufacturers are at 25% capacity, since barges are unable to use the Rivers for transport. No one knows when this drought will end. We do know water resources are at a premium. Crops, power and manufacturing have been effected and costs for power are rising as hydropower costs soar. Norway, intended to ship excess capacity to the EU. There reserves may make that impossible. They’ll need to maintain their own resources to survive. Meanwhile, in another climate scenario, in San Francisco, scientists are warning of a major flood and rain storm, that could dump 30 inches of rain in several days. No one knows when this will occur, scientists predict this will occur. Be prepared to trap as much water as possible for future use. When this event occurs, snow will form in the Sierra Nevada mountains, depositing 25-30 ft of snow. Unusual weather patterns will be the World’s norm. Are we prepared?

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