TheVoiceOfJoyce When 36 Conservative States pass gag orders on Books, teaching History, Racism, Sexual Gender and critical thinking, we’re essentially banning books and failing to provide knowledge to our kids. Children live in a World of diversity, they’ve read history, let them read the facts from reputable textbooks. When you’re teaching about the effects of Communism, do you also teach the truth about Communism? The restrictions to speech? The mass murders & Genocide? Far from being a proponent of Free Speech, Conservative GOP Governors prefer to limit Free Speech & inquisitiveness, limiting their knowledge of our World and repressing their inventiveness. These States are taking away the joy kids have when they learn and discover new ideas. Books are magical, the joy they bring, never leaves us. Why stifle young minds? Why encourage more teachers to leave their profession by enforcing a alien curriculum upon them? So many teachers have left their profession, who will remain to teach American Children?

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