TheVoiceOfJoyce First, TrumpsGop spread anti vac info, then the led the denial of 2020 election, after successfully casting doubt on the Mueller Report and Climate. Their disinformation campaigns have led to violence and death. They’re now attacking , wrongly, both the FBI & IRS. The FBI is a separate, independent branch of government, non partisan, leave them alone. The IRS requires funding to track down & collect taxes due the Federal Government by the top 1%. They made $23 Trillion dollars and some of that is taxable. Under other administrations, the IRS has been underfunded and understaffed. Allow them to collect monies due. Also, as citizens, support funding for the NLRB, so they can adjudicate fair wages for “We the People “. The NLRB needs funds to allow Unionization and to punish Corporations who have dealt with employees unfairly. #Stop misinformation, not the work of legitimate Federal agencies!

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