TheVoiceOfJoyce from the beginning, Putin’s War was a disaster waiting to happen. The FSB made a mistake and assumed Ukraine was ready to welcome Moscow Rule. No one told Putin the truth and he attacked. Big mistake. Zelensky listened to his military intelligence, instead of listening to the US, one month before the War. American intelligence, said there’s a Russian build up to War on your borders, Ukraine’s SBU ( made up of old Russian KGB) , advised Zelensky and convinced him war was not evident. He belied his people and now, after almost 6 months of fighting and loss of lives, the Ukrainian forces may be counterattacking effectively. The question, amongst this violence, is can there be a ceasefire and how soon? This was a Moscow fiasco of unprecedented proportions. Constant warfare and revolution, in the Ukraine, since 2004, should have meant, Ukrainians were not a target for Russian occupation. Many have died on both sides, Ukraine’s infrastructure is destroyed and Nations are experiencing starvation. All based on miscalculations! During this period of Covid and Climate Catastrophe, the World cannot support Wars. The excess emission’s effect us all. The inflation effects-us all. The lack of grains effects us Globally. Cooler heads must prevail and cage the “dogs of War”!

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