TheVoiceOfJoyce Since FDR, when Government regulated business, we’ve suited to subsidizing them instead. Why? Why should we subsidize big businesses when they turn against “ We the People”? Contrary to popular opinion, the real welfare state is large businesses and their Government influence. We the People have one area left at our disposal, our Right to Vote and we should cherish it and Register and Vote in every election or we’ll never be free of Corporate Bondage. As employees attempt to Unionize, the NLRB is strapped for cash and staffing to support our needs. Major Corporations still control our right to Unionize for a better lifestyle. When you vote in the Primaries and the General Elections remember who is diminishing your rights? Think , are teachers happy? Is inflation cutting into my savings? Are schools open and safe for critical thought? Is this the State I love because it’s helping me achieve a better lifestyle? Is my healthcare adequate for my needs? If the answer is No, vote for change that benefits you now and in the future. Staying with conservatism will not move our Country forward. It’s a fact, conservatives like the status quo. To satisfy our needs and to pursue the American dream, we need new voices in our State and in Congress. We can choose a better way of life and a larger division of the Corporate pie, if we Vote for People who count us as their constituents, not the Corporation.

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