TheVoiceOfJoyce Allies no more. Willing Ukrainians , fighting in the Donbas are no longer willing to advance the fight to neighboring towns. They’re part of the resistance, Russia is encountering in the Ukraine. The car bomb of the daughter of a Pro Putin talking head, was assassinated in Russia yesterday. Partisans against Putin, are thought to be responsible. Evidently, the Ukrainian Fiasco, may be emboldening Putin’s enemies at home. Russia’s kids liked the veneer of Democracy, they were happy with moving forward in their Country and are against Putin’s imperialism. Discontent is rising within Russia. Ukraine is strategically shells Crimea and the Russians Fleets HQ. The celebrations for Ukrainian Independence Day are on hold, though Russia has been shelling close to their Nuclear Power Plant. Russian spirits are waning during this War of attrition and Ukrainian spirits are surging. It seems time, ahead of the G 20 conference to broker a cease fire, withdrawal , leading to Peace.

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