TheVoiceOfJoyce There is a debate going on about the recommendation for sustainability, in our National guidelines for food consumption. Should the new Food Pyramid recommend more plant based protein, supplemented by beans, nuts and seeds or should meat and dairy remain our protein go to choice? These guidelines effect millions of Americans. They’re used to feed school kids, hospitals and all institutions feeding the American population. How do we evolve, continue to consume enough protein, as the planet heats? That’s the real question. Personally, I’ve added more nuts and grains to my diet and admit to having my daily yogurt, berries and walnuts. I’ve tried our local vegetarian restaurant, Le Botantiste and frankly enjoyed their tasty spiced Chile and Mediterranean bowls. Do I still love the taste and eat Porterhouse, rib eye steaks & all meats, you bet. However, my diet, like the planet has evolved. When I was younger , we ate meat almost twice a day! Today, I look forward to making & eating, a nutritious tuna and sardine salad on whole grain bread! What choices are you making?

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