AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce How is it possible, the Tampa Bay Area has more inflation than the rest of the Nation? Food prices up 8.3%, rents doubling? The Middle Class going homeless, lacking childcare, sick days and amidst this tragedy,Le Segundo, a family owned and operated business, provides a lifeline to its 140 employees. The cost of wheat , added $40,000 a month to his overhead, yet Mr More, the owner, managed to maintain his business, National customers and his employees. They have a pension plan, vacation days, sick days and a good salary. His hard work is paying off and he sees prices coming down for wheat. The food pantries, staffed by the Hernandez, husband and wife team, in another part of Tampa, aren’t as lucky. They’ve just been told, their rent will increase from $1500 – $3000 in a few months? What is Florida’s government doing to help their Cuban population, their Middle Class & poorer residents of the Tampa area? Why is Tampa experiencing a greater rate of inflation then the National average? What’s driving Tampa’s excessive inflation? Is it Greed?

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