TheVoiceOfJoyce A lot is happening in the Ukraine and Russia after 187 days of War. The IAEA will visit and measure radioactivity at the facility and remain to insure no Nuclear leaks take place. The World is in grave danger because Russia has used Ukraine’s nuclear power plant as a shield for bombing Southern Towns. The Ukrainian Counteroffensive has started in Kherson and will continue. If we don’t want a Global war, Zelensky needs all the weapons he requests for overwhelming fire power. Putin has a perfect excuse to leave Ukraine. Putin was misled by his ministers, particularly his Defense Minister. Putin should use this opportunity, to amend his situation and call a cease fire. Meanwhile, Germany will be able to heat their Country this winter. Other EU Nations & the UK may not be as fortunate. Hopefully, this War will end soon. Peace now depends on Ukrainian superiority in weapons and strategy on the ground.

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