Billions in ‘dark money’ is influencing US politics. We need disclosure laws | David Sirota and Joel Warner | The Guardian brought to you by, AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce. Dark Money influences Politics, it is a seamless shifting of power to the Corporations or Billionaire donating “ dark money” to purchase favorable legislation, Supreme Court judges & Legislators at every level of government. There is a remedy and “ We, the People”, can support Sheldon Winehouse’s DISCLOSE ACT and follow up bills, making all political contributions over $10,000, disclosable to the SEC and totally transparent. The investigative Press are supporting this Act. There is too much opposition against the Peoples right to know who’s suppressing our Voting Rights, our Healthcare benefits our ability to mitigate climate. The Koch wealth has suppressed the Disclose Act for 10 yrs. Many Corporations have led in Suppressing these bills as well. It’s time the Public was involved in determining our right to Political transparency. Or do “We, the People “, want to return to a feudal era of low pay and destitution, when we can have progress and a good life and livelihood? It’s our choice!

A donor secretly transferred $1.6bn to a Republican political group. Because of America’s lax laws, the donation was never disclosed in any public record or database
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