AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Chaos on the Russian front. Russia conscription proceeds with torture required to sign up recruits? Since this is not a declared war, no standing army required, only contract men conscripted, under duress. Meanwhile, Russia continues to use their occupied Nuclear Power Plant as a shield for shelling nearby towns. IAEA inspectors are making their way through the war zone and plan to arrive tomorrow. The Ukrainian offensive in Kherson is effective and the Russian “ puppet” has left for Russia. Russian’ s fired on two grain silos and one is burning in a Coastal Port. Meanwhile, The UN & Ukraine agree to designate Odessa as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, the price of oil is down as Europe finds other sources for energy fuels. Someone please tell Putin he’s winning and declare a cease fire, evacuation of all Russian troops and a return to peace and negotiations.

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