TheVoiceOfJoyce At least 10 previous Nobel Laureates for peace, have presented an open letter to the World’s leaders, requesting that they rein in Big Tech. Why? The Social Media platforms, business models, promote disinformation, hate and abuse, undermining Democracies everywhere, creating cultural divides. “We the People” are being manipulated by Big Techs Surveillance Capitalist models. They predict our behavior & sell our data to undermine our Democracy and target investigative journalism & journalists. The Nobel Laureates call upon the EU to strengthen their rules and enforce the compliance of Tech Platforms to remove disinformation algorithms. There is only one fact and Social Media Platforms create two realities, disrupting Democracy through their promotion of cultural divides. Robust laws and an investment in Investigative journalism, would highlight the disruptive business model of Tech Platforms, that divide us!

The 10-point manifesto was presented by the 2021 Nobel laureates, campaigning journalists Dmitry Muratov and Maria Ressa, in Oslo on Friday. It warns that the potential for technology to advance societies has been undermined by the business models of the dominant online platforms.

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“We urge rights-respecting democracies to wake up to the existential threat of information ecosystems being distorted by a Big Tech business model fixated on harvesting people’s data and attention, even as it undermines serious journalism and polarises debate in society and political life,” the plan states.

The proposals are endorsed by eight other peace prize recipients including Nadia Murad, who was awarded the prize in 2018 for her efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon in war, and Leymah Gbowee, the 2011 laureate for leading the women’s peace movement that ended the Liberian civil war.

The plan, presented at the freedom of expression conference at the Nobel Peace Center in Norway, comes with three general demands: an end to the “surveillance-for-profit” business model that harvests users’ data to maximise engagement and underpins multibillion dollar spending by advertisers on social media companies; asking tech firms to treat all users equally around the world; and urging newsrooms and governments to support independent journalism.

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