AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The rest of our Planet is in peril. It’s like the scientists say about taking the Covid Vaccine, “ we’re not safe , till we’re all safe”. Meaning, we all need the vaccines to make Covid infection a non event. In America, 500 ( known) people a day are still dying from Covid. In the Amazon Rainforest, 74% remains. Our ability to absorb oxygen has decreased with illegal deforestation to support illegal mining. The Indigenous people need funding to reclaim the Savannah’s, by 2025. Their goal replant 6%. Deforestation is occurring in many states of South America. Elsewhere, lakes are running dry. Our Planet is in crisis. This is not an existential threat, the threat is real and visible. What are the World’s leaders prepared to do? Bunkers, the Moon, or space are not viable options for the Kleptocrats.

Having Indigenous people in the decision-making process means we count on the knowledge of those who know most about the forest,” said Guzmán. “And they need budgets.”

They also need their land to be safeguarded from land-grabbers and extractive industries.

Mining is one of the growing threats, with protected areas and Indigenous land among the areas most coveted by prospectors. Much of the mining is clandestine and illegal but

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