TheVoiceOfJoyce The new GDPR Rules from the EU, are designed to make Social Media platforms accountable for allowing child exploitation. Teens, using the Instagram platform, are supposed to have privacy settings on their accounts for protection. Instead, their settings went Public along with their emails and telephone #’s. Instagram says they’ve corrected their algorithms and teen settings are now private. Since we don’t have access to all Meta’s tracking data & AI, can we be sure our kids and their behavior across Social Media Platforms is safe? Instagram has been fined $405 million. The FCC is writing regulations to protect children, too. In the US, we need a Regulatory Board, to analyze AI and make data gathering transparent. Why not assure parents that their children’s behavior isn’t tracked and harmful content is removed? When will America, make Meta, Instagram and all Social Media transparent, accountable? Enforcement of accountability, through fines, works better than self regulation! Self regulation, as I learned during my Ford days, when we asked that a product be installed, as required, it was never installed.

Instagram had allowed users aged between 13 and 17 to operate business accounts on the platform, which showed the users’ phone numbers and email addresses. The DPC also found the platform had operated a user registration system whereby the accounts of 13-to-17-year-old users were set to “public” by default.

The DPC regulates Meta – which is also the owner of Facebook and WhatsApp – on behalf of the entire EU because the company’s European headquarters are in Ireland.

The penalty is the highest imposed on Meta by the watchdog, after a €225m fine imposed in September 2021 for “severe” and “serious” infringements of GDPR at WhatsApp and a €17m fine in March this year.

The fine is the second largest under GDPR,

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