AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Should Corporations be self regulating? Should Social Media Platforms be guardians of our private data? Who decides who sees our data? Us or them? Can we opt out of cookies or data sharing? Should foreign powers have access to our data? Polling information? Ballots? Senator Richard Blumenthal is proposing a regulatory agency, based on new evidence, detailing Twitter’s lack of protection of our data, to maintain our rights to privacy and prevent Foreign Powers from threatening our National Security. If we rein in Social Media, shouldn’t we rein in all Corporate power?

“Twitter has an outsized impact on global politics and events, and it even tried to reposition itself as a news app several years ago,” she said. “The complaint has already caught the eye of regulators, and [Zatko’s] testimony could add fresh fuel to the fire.”

In the hearing, lawmakers expressed a need for more regulation of Twitter and other social media firms. Senator Richard Blumenthal even suggested the need for a new regulator agency within the Department of Justice “focusing on privacy, security, protecting users as well as our national security”, he said.

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