TheVoiceOfJoyce Railroad employees, carrying 40% of all US freight, plan to strike for wages and benefits, higher employment rates and against precision scheduling, that increased RR profits, by cutting headcount drastically. As in most US Industry, less people are employed doing more work for less pay. While Corporations rake in hefty profits, employee wages have stagnated across all industries, since the crash of 2008. Henry Ford made cars affordable by paying his workers high wages , enabling them to purchase his cars. When I worked at Ford, I bought 2 cars every 6 months for my family. It was good for my credit, good for my family & good for Ford. Ford is still in business. Profit and shareholder profits are destroying our economic stability. When will the US see a return to higher wages for everyone? Would you strike in support of RR employees, teachers, nurses? What’s your dissatisfaction quotient? There is no great resignation. There is discrimination against workers entitled to better pay!

Labor cuts, lack of paid days off, precision scheduling systems to reduce headcounts, disciplinary attendance policies that issue points against workers for any time taken off and unfair and punishing on-call schedules have made it more difficult to continue working in the railroad industry, said Grooters, and workers claim these issues aren’t being addressed in proposed new union contract agreements.

“When I first was hired out on the railroad my paychecks seemed to stretch a lot further than it does today. I don’t think that’s a unique experience for railroad workers. We really need to stop that trend. And hopefully, we railroad workers can help fight back against profiteering from the richest people in this country,” said Grooters.

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