AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce In a first step to giving fast food workers a voice in wage and benefit negations, California Governor Gavin Newson has signed a new Law into effect. The Law effective , 1/23, would give fast food workers a seat at the Corporate table in all municipalities where they work. 500,000 workers will be represented by this Law and Fast Food chains are trying to overturn their rights thru a Referendum. Don’t buy the Fast Food Chains arguments. They’re not being harmed. They’re right to abuse and underpay staffing is their issue. Finally, one sector of Corporations will be legally accountable for their actions. Wages won’t be withheld, the abuse has to stop and people may earn a living wage and have a say in their work place environment. As an employee of a Corporation, wouldn’t you want a living wage and better working conditions? Wouldn’t you want a seat and a voice at the Corporate table? Support the Fast Food workers, vote for them not Corporate Power and let Californians craft more Laws favoring Labor. Labor isn’t responsible for inflation. Corporate Power and Greed are inflationary. #Support Labor.

There are about 500,000 workers in the fast-food industry in California who will be represented under the law. It also provides a pathway for local municipalities to create their own similar councils overseeing the industry and to report to the statewide council. The law only applies to fast-food corporations with at least 100 retail locations nationwide under a common brand.

The law is the first of its kind in the US, with workers in other states pushing to pass similar legislation, such as nail salon workers in New York.

Fast-food workers have long reported widespread issues of violence on the job, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation for reporting abuses or for organizing, wage theft and poverty wages. The new law has been touted as a means to start addressing these issues that run rampant through the industry. Fast-food workers around California held over 300 strikes in the past year to rally support in favor of the legislation.

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