AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin may be losing the War. However, Putin continues to fire missiles indiscriminately at civilian targets, hospitals, and infrastructure. The Russian soldier is barbaric, committing war crimes undeterred by Military Leadership. Putin is not listening to Modi or Xi, will he listen to Erdogan? The UN? When the Nations convene next week, discuss famine and the rise in CO2 Emissions Globally, exacerbating our Climate crisis. Ukraine has shipped 3.7 million tons of grain, out of the original 20 million. Famine is increasing in Africa, while they wait for Ukrainian grain. Putin’s War is prolonging the suffering of many. The UN should actively become a broker for a just peace. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian power plant is working at minimal capacity in order to prevent core meltdown. Why isn’t the area demilitarized, yet. Putin says he’s only interested in Donbas. Why isn’t he evacuating all other areas in Ukraine, now?

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