TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 208 , the War in Ukraine continues. Counteroffensive effective. Russian war crimes are documented by the independent press witnessing Russian atrocities uncovered. Donetsk is under bombardment and the RussianMayor is not surrendering. To the south, a Nuclear power plant has been bombed. The reactors are fine and running, the hydroelectric plant and it’s transmission lines are damaged. Next moves? Zelensky is the only head of State, allowed a remote visual presentation. All other speakers at the UN must be personally present to address the General Assembly. It’s important that all Nations know Ukrainian importance to Russia. The Ukrainian people are nothing, providers of grain, meant for starvation. That’s what happened under Stalin in 1932. Today, it’s evident Putin has expanded his claim , not voiced, of superiority. He invaded Ukraine, unlawfully in February, 2022. He held 20 million tons of grains hostage till last month and watch as Ukrainians died and the World suffered from famine and inflation. He doesn’t care what happens to others. Ukraine, Asia, the Global South are unseen! Will the UN intervene to stop this humanitarian crisis?

Russian troops struck the Pivdennoukrainsk nuclear power plant in Ukraine’s southern Mykolaiv region early on Monday but its reactors have not been damaged and are working normally, Ukraine’s state nuclear company Energoatom said.

A blast took place 300 metres away from the reactors and damaged power plant buildings shortly after midnight, Energoatom said in a statement. The attack has also damaged a nearby hydroelectric power plant and transmission lines.

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