AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 144: “GOP, US, Corps”

Ever say we’re living through “Late Stage Capitalism “, I have and now I know what it means.

Corporate Self regulation is an Oxymoron perpetrated by the Republican Party. Don’t believe me? Listen to my Podcast & I’ll tell you how the Laws that govern the internet intrude on or privacy, the FDA is compromised & the DEA was hollowed out.

Don’t think it effects your or your family? Did you ever wish you could opt out to agreeing to internet privacy Laws? Did you have to search for baby formula? Have you lost someone to the Opioid epidemic? Tune in and determine if you want Corporate Accountability & Laws that protect us and our family.

We can have it all. We have the Right to Vote. Use it. Midterms start now!

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