AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The UN to debate the fate of the Ukrainian War. Putin has been chastised by Modi & Xi Jinping. The Ukrainian War has a direct correlation with Global South’s problems. Putin released Ukrainian grains for shipment to contracted areas in the Global South last month. Ukraine had to navigate through a sea covered in explosives. At last count 3.7 million tons had left Ukrainian ports. They’ve stored 20 million. The new harvest is almost ready and they’re planting in Russia’s battlefield, as missiles can land anywhere. The entire Globe is being held hostage by Putin. Global climate emissions have risen dangerously during the War. Ukraine is not a distraction, it’s the primary problem at this time! See for yourself, send reporters to Kyiv and see & understand events on the ground. Find the truth and share information with the Ukrainians. You may have a common enemy. Putin doesn’t care is many in emerging Nations perish. Remember Stalin’s plunder of Ukraine in 1932?

The UN general assembly summit this week will be dominated by a struggle – between the US and its allies on one side and Russia on the other – for global support over the fate of Ukraine, as the global south fights to stop the conflict from overshadowing the existential threats of famine and the climate crisis.

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