TheVoiceOfJoyce America is experiencing rapid Climate disasters along its entire 1000 mile coastline. The floods are sweeping away whole houses, inundating rivers and preventing the livelihood and survival of the Indigenous Population. This is an emergency. There’s 3 weeks before the first freeze and the Inland Indigenous people must be able to fish and store food for the long winter ahead. Non tropical cyclones are a big concern North to Nome Alaska. The Alaskan State needs help now and expeditiously. Meanwhile, in the California, Mosquito fire, the flames are going out and the mud slides begin. The fossil fuel equation is shifting. Loss of life and property is exceeding the ease of burning fossil fuels. The Inflation Reduction Act provides Billions for renewables, use it!

The cascading crises up and down the western coast of the US come after scientists have warned for years that global heating will make Alaska more vulnerable to large non-tropical cyclones, even as it drives drier, hotter conditions that fuel damaging wildfires across the west.

Mary Peltola, the state’s sole congressional representative, said she had been in touch with mayors across the region. Peltola, who is from the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta, encompassing some of the hardest-hit communities, said she was working with the state’s senators to secure more disaster funding.

Governor Dunleavy, who issued a disaster declaration on Saturday morning, said officials hoped to speed up recovery efforts before the region begins to freeze up in about three weeks.

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