TheVoiceOfJoyce : Shades of the “Nazis ban” on books. Marginalize the marginalized. History repeats and knowing our history helps us learn from our mistakes and makes better citizens of everyone. What’s the reason for banning 2500 books? The bans are opposed by Librarians. It’s causing teachers to quit their jobs, because they have no control over their curriculum. Banning books based on your perspective, is restricting our freedoms. Lincoln, a famous Republican, was self taught and read voraciously. Harry Truman, a poor Missouri boy, read voraciously. Courage, character,wisdom and role models are found in books. Let all our children read. Once again, people in power, are oppressing the poor and marginalized, forgetting we’re a Democracy!

This rapidly accelerating movement has resulted in more and more students losing access to literature that equips them to meet the challenges and complexities of democratic citizenship,” said Jonathan Friedman, a lead author of the Pen report.

“The work of groups organizing and advocating to ban books in schools is especially harmful to students from historically marginalized backgrounds, who are forced to experience stories that validate their lives vanishing from classrooms and library shelves.”

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