TheVoiceOfJoyce Lawlessness in the Corporate world. This time Blackjewel coal mines has defaulted on wages owed coal miners. They were let go without notice, owed 2 weeks pay and received bounced checks. They took their case to the NLRB, received a $53 settlement last year and have yet to receive payment. Meanwhile, the mines in Virginia, WV, Wyoming and Kentucky are now owned by new operators and the CEO of Blackjewel is finishing a resort in West Virginia. Where is Justice for the Coal Miners? Why weren’t the mines decommissioned for renewable energy? Where is Corporate accountability? Whether it’s Blackjewel or Chipotle, employees are not being paid for work. Where is enforcement of Labor Laws, Litigation? Why should Corporate Power be above the Law?

In July 2019, about 1,700 coalminers working for an affiliate of one of the largest coalmine operators in the US, Blackjewel, found their paychecks had bounced. Many were left with bank accounts in the negative while bills and late fees piled up.

Blackjewel then filed for bankruptcy and abruptly shut down its mines in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Wyoming, laying off miners without notice and leaving them without pay for the work they had completed the past two weeks.

This prompted several miners to start a protest in Harlan county, Kentucky, blocking a train full of coal from one of Blackjewel’s mines from leaving until miners were paid what they were owed.

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