TheVoiceOfJoyce We see what Carbon Emissions has done to Alaska, Pakistan, Australia, every country on our planet has been harmed by the short term greed of a few. Bolsonaro openly plundered the Amazon Rain Forest for profit, ignoring the Rights of the Indigenous People and our Planet. Not only the Indigenous people are displaced by illegal gold mining, farming and deforestation. The entire Planet has lost a significant amount of Carbon Absorption. The Amazon trapped 25% of the World’s Carbon emissions. No more. The amount of devastation has forced the Indians from their lands, dried up their rivers and has made it impossible for them to survive. As an interconnected planet, if they die out and their fish die, we all lose. The Indians want to control their region. They want to reclaim their land. Who will help the? Who will push back the interlopers? Who will help them sue major Corporations to stop the their plunder ? So many marginalized in our World? Will the UN evolve to be a force for change? There are real people petitioning this body for Global Help and response. Zelensky and the Indigenous people of Brazil. Who will do more than bear witness?

Manchineri said that logging operations, new dams and oil drilling disrupt traditional Indigenous practices, hampering the ability to catch fish or find medicines in the forest. “These large infrastructure projects bring thousands of strange people to our cities, they bring diseases, violence, prostitution, alcoholism, dirt, crowding our hospitals,” Manchineri said.

“These big enterprises are evil to the Indigenous populations. This development doesn’t happen for us – what remains for us is poverty, violence and abandonment by the state.”

The Amazon has long been a leading cause for conservationists and some of the Indigenous leaders in New York admitted that they were weary of trying to rally those in power to safeguard what is both a home for native people and a crucial ecosystem and carbon store that could help avert climate breakdown if preserved.

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