TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 213 and there’s activities on the Finnish border, as young Russians escape the Russian draft. Now that white collar job holders are exempt from the draft, Putin is targeting the poor and hopes to conscript young Ukrainian men, from the 4 regions holding sham Referendums. Ukraine has no choice, they must disrupt the balloting process and continue their counteroffensive as quickly as possible. In Putin’s mind, the Referendums, at gun point, make the 4 territories Russian territory, in need of defenses. That’s his delusion, the reality, Ukraine is winning the Counteroffensive. They must be prepared to push through all Russian territory and have a firm control of their Country, before pushing Russians back to Russia. Putin must be desperate for cash, if he’s asking to let Russian fertilizer sales resume. These sales should be conditional on leaving Ukraine, stopping the Referendums and agreeing to a Ceasefire. The War continues.

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