AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Unions are striking again this month for higher wages, better staffing, benefits. They’re striking for wages because their wages aren’t enough to keep up with inflation. Profits have risen exponentially at major Corporations and there’s been no trickle down to labor. In hospitals, one nurse for 8-10 patients is a burden, nurses can’t function without a standard of care. Profit driven corporations benefit a few and shareholders and leave workers stressed and overburdened as they try to perform their jobs, understaffed and underpaid. Perhaps there should be one day of Solidarity with Labor, when we all walk out I support of their goals. Henry Ford understood , you had to pay labor a decent wage, enabling Labor to purchase his cars. Today’s oligarchs want all the money for themselves. Unionization is good for Americans and America, the Corporations need labor to survive, now they’re asking for compensation due, support them!

Some of the largest strikes in recent weeks in the US have included 15,000 nurses who went on a three-day strike in Minnesota, over 1,100 timber workers in Oregon and Washington, over 4,500 teachers and staff in Columbus, Ohio, more than 6,000 teachers and staff in Seattle, 2,000 mental healthcare workers in California, 1,200 casting plant workers at Stellantis in Indiana, and 700 nursing home workers in Pennsylvania.

Among the groups of workers that have recently authorized strikes include graduate workers at Clark University, while graduate workers at Indiana University will soon decide whether to resume a strike from earlier this year, about 800 auto workers at the Ultium Cells electric vehicle plant in Lordstown, Ohio, voted to authorize a strike for union recognition this month, and 115,000 railroad workers could still strike if they decide to vote down tentative contract agreements in the coming weeks.

UFCW Local 1059, representing about 12,500 workers at Kroger grocery stores in the Columbus, Ohio, area voted to authorize a strike on 16 September after rejecting the third contract proposal offered to members, Kroger’s latest and final offer.

A strike date hasn’t been set yet. A Kroger employee who voted in favor of authorizing

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