AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Perhaps Tom Friedman of The NY Times, makes a more elegant case for raising global awareness. The War Ukraine, doesn’t stay in Ukraine. Putin’s war is not just a war against Ukraine and humanity, the consequences of this war are effecting the home , we all share Planet Earth. To compensate for fertilizer, the Amazon is plundered along with the indigenous peoples land and resources. The forests of Ukraine, once protected, are being plundered. Fields are being bombed by Russia. People as far away as Chad, are starving and fighting inflation for wheat and food. More licenses for drilling are being given in the US. The US is already suffering from extreme drought and now there’s a potential Category 5 hurricane heading for Florida with a potential to flood Georgia and the Carolinas. All our systems are connected and one despot is single handedly changing our deteriorating Climate conditions. Don’t you care? Shouldn’t the War in Ukraine be stopped? The World is hostage!

Over the past half century, noted Reid, “countries have taken big collaborative leaps in protecting the environment and its stewards — whether it is the Clean Air Act of 1970 in America or Brazil’s 1988 Constitution recognizing the rights of its Indigenous peoples to control the lands they have protected for millenniums. Protected land has more than doubled worldwide since 1990.” And now, out of nowhere, one man launches a murderous war in the heart of the world’s breadbasket, and suddenly all the progress on norms and laws risks going up in smoke, right along with the forests.

Which is why Putin’s war is not just a crime against Ukraine and humanity. It’s also a crime against the home we all share: planet Earth.

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