TheVoiceOfJoyce They had the Corporate knowledge that they were polluting Rivers in Oklahoma and England, why didn’t Cargill clean up the pollutants? Why should they? Cargill, like all Corporations, respond to market forces only. They are not self regulating. If you want to reduce pollutants in our water , Corporations must be regulated and fined. The fines must be enforced along with intensive testing of our waters. Algae Blooms because of fertilizer runoff decreases our valuable resource, water! Regulate Corporations, the monopolies and we’ll reduce pollution.

In the US, Cargill acknowledged that spreading poultry manure might sully nearby water as far back as 2004. “Our scenic river watersheds are complex environments that include many sources of nutrients that potentially impact the health of our rivers and streams that lie within them,” one advert stated in the Oklahoman newspaper. “We are prepared to do our part to take care of the poultry portion of the nutrient equation.”

Seventeen years later, after vast expansion of chicken farming in the Wye Valley, Cargill again acknowledged it might be a factor in the ecological decline of the river.

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