TheVoiceOfJoyce As Florida assesses the damage from this major storm, the taxpayers shouldn’t bare the brunt of repayment. Some of the burden and costs of rebuilding should be the responsibility of the Fossil Fuel industry. For 50 years they lied about the effects of their Carbon emissions on our Climate. Now it’s their turn to help in the cleanup. Just like Smith and Wesson is being sued for the July 4 th deaths at a parade, why not finally hold Fossil Fuel Corporations accountable for our misery? Smaller countries are suing Fossil Fuels Corporations for restitution of funds for rebuilding, why not Americans?

It’s low-income communities and communities of color that are most likely to live in areas and homes at highest risk of flooding and storm surges. “They are also the ones who will find it hardest to recover and rebuild, in part because of systemic bias in the way aid is allocated in the US,” said Dahl.

Ian caused a total blackout in Cuba, Fiona did the same in Puerto Rico, and recovery on both islands will be a lot slower than for many folks in Florida.

As we watch the cost of these big storms rise – costs that currently fall on taxpayers – legal and community advocates are calling for the fossil fuel industry to shoulder some of the burden. “There’s a mountain of evidence that fossil fuel companies have known for decades about the harms but continued with the same business model, so there’s growing push to make them take financial responsibility for helping communities prepare and cleanup,” Dahl said.

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