TheVoiceOfJoyce Finally, 3 physicists acting independently, in France, USA & Austria, have identified Einstein’s spookiness! Two objects acting as one, while separate, until they break apart and you have two distinct particles. This is the beginning of a new understanding of Quantum Computing & information gathering, leading to advanced technologies for understanding our World and Space.

Quantum entanglement, in a nutshell, means that the properties of one particle can be deduced by examining the properties of a second particle – even if they are separated by a large distance. As the Nobel committee pointed out, an easy way to imagine this was to think about being given one of two balls – one of which is white and the other black. If you receive a white ball, you know the other ball is black.

Importantly, however, the properties of each particle are not fixed until they are examined – in the ball scenario this would mean that both balls are grey until looked at, whereupon one turns white and the other black.

This lies at the heart of the “spookiness” – rather than “action” at a distance, the two particles, or balls, appear to be inherently connected, without the need for any signal to be sent between them.

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