TheVoiceOfJoyce After reading this article, I want leave the best World we can develop, for my loved ones, entering the 21stC. What do you want? Solar power and EV are selling faster. Hydrogen, solar , wind are being utilized and need increased utilization. There’s a cost associated with Hydro Flouro Carbons, Carbon & Methane Emissions. The Fossil Fuel Companies must share the cost of the destruction of our Planet. Decrease in and subsidies and windfall taxes are proposed. If Fossil Fuel Companies are not part of the solution, they should get out of the way of new innovators who can mitigate climate warming. Every .1 Degree Celsius saved means another person survives. We can reverse Climate warming with hard Corporate work. The savings on Carbon and methane emissions leaks, is a start. New seeds and plants for biofuels is a start. If we can resolve quantum information, we should be able to engineer, quickly, new ways to power our World. Since , I’m personally not a nihilist, I opt for an awesome future with new products. Did I mention concrete and steel can be manufactured with green technologies! Why aren’t they widely employed? Our world needs to look at everyone’s best ideas and adapt them for our use! Cooperation & collaboration are needed to survive!

For years, major nations like the US have blocked such funding, fearing unlimited liability. But there is movement, with Denmark this month becoming the first national government to commit loss and damage funds. There is also movement in funding green energy transformations in specific countries, with European nations providing $8.5bn to South Africa.

New ideas for raising the required money are coming forward too, from the $500bn in IMF finance proposed by Mia Mottley, the prime minister of Barbados, to a global tax on fossil fuels put forward by the most vulnerable countries.

UN secretary general Antonio Guterres backs the latter idea, particularly targeting the colossal profits being reaped by the oil and gas industry at the moment. “The fossil fuel industry is feasting on subsidies and windfall profits, while household budgets shrink and our planet burns,” he said last week. “I call on all developed economies to tax the windfall profits.”

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