TheVoiceOfJoyce To preserve our Democracy, don’t complain about the lack of accountability on Social Media Platforms. Their for profit model and Section 230 of the Communications Act, allow Social Media Platforms to be self regulating. Why should they jeopardize their profits? They’re Corporations and they’re profit driven. Social Media Platforms are not neutral. It’s been found that 3 YouTube videos promoting misinformation in Spanish & English, have 880,000 followers. That’s a lot of revenue. Misinformation on Politics, the 2020 election, vaccines and health, create distrust of government, voting and Vaccines. If you want accountability, Regulate the industry. Change Section 230 of the Communication Act. We know the problems created by Misinformation & Lies and we have a solution: Regulation. Do you want Corporations accountable for harming the Public? Brick & Mortar corporations and Technology Companies don’t regulate themselves, unless there’s a Regulatory requirement and penalties. What kind of society do we want? We have Corporate lawlessness & a profit driven model now! Are you satisfied with the status quo? If you want Corporate accountability, advocate for Regulation.

Experts say misinformation narratives in Spanish often mirrors those seen in English, falling into the two main categories: politics, or health and vaccines.

The most urgent narrative being tracked by researchers is what is being called “the big lie” – the baseless theory that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election legitimately.

That claim has become widely-believed on the right, with 70% of Republican voters backing the “stolen” election theory, according to a recent Politifact study. And it is continuing to spread on social media, in English and Spanish, preemptively creating doubt about legitimacy of the midterm vote and alarming experts.

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