TheVoiceOfJoyce The Nobel Peace Prize this year goes to one person, ales Bialiastski, imprisoned in Belarus and two organizations fighting the Putin Regime. One organization, Memorial, was founded under Gorbachev and continues to support human rights in Russia today. A past Nobel Peace Prize winner, a founding member of Memorial, was Natan Sharansky. The third award goes to the Ukrainian human rights organization, Center for Civil Liberties, documenting and addressing the Russian War Crimes in Ukraine today. Our World requires advocates and activists defending our freedom and liberty. Someone must bear witness for crimes against humanity and demand Justice.

The jailed Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski, the Russian human rights organisation Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights organisation Center for Civil Liberties have won the 2022 Nobel peace prize.

“The Norwegian Nobel committee wishes to honour three outstanding champions of human rights, democracy and peaceful coexistence in the neighbour countries Belarus, Russia and Ukraine,” the committee chair, Berit Reiss-Andersen, said.

She called on Belarus to release Bialiatski from prison.

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