TheVoiceOfJoyce The brave Ukrainian soldiers taking more than 500 sq km are encountering resistance &/ or Russians abandoning their kit, weapons and tanks. Many Russians are afraid of capture , thinking the Ukrainians will be like them and submit them to torture. Unfortunately, everywhere Ukrainians retake villages, they find mass graves or torture sites. Kharkiv is liberated and headway is being made in the south in Kherson. The fighting continues, Putin’s support, in his inner circle, is weakening. Will the Russian people become disenchanted with the War? Does it matter? Erdogan is pressing Putin to agree to a Peace. Putin , unless deposed, is the only one able to end this War of aggression. Meanwhile, he’s holding on to power and getting money by plundering the Global South. Oil prices will increase once again, making it imperative for us to wean ourselves off oil. The World cannot sit idle and let Putin continue his War of aggression. Who can stand up to Putin?

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