AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t let your vote be marginalized. If you’re a Senior request absentee ballots early or vote early to avoid long lines. Contact the New Georgia Project if you need voter information. Every vote counts. You know which Political Party cares about equal opportunity in voting, Justice and economics. Vote for the Party that will uphold Democracy!

While election officials worked to prepare for the start of early voting, technological issues persisted. New Georgia Project, a voting rights organization based in the state, reported that in multiple counties, including two of the largest, DeKalb county and Fulton county, the system used to check-in voters, eNet, went down and extended the wait for voters waiting in line, sometimes occurring numerous times at a single location.

In the past, Georgia voters have experienced hours-long wait times due to similar issues. Voting organizations and election officials throughout the state are encouraging voters to make a plan to vote early to ensure even when issues persist, they will have enough time to access the ballot.

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