TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 237 and Russia using Kamikaze drones to destroy electricity and water to 30% of Ukrainians. Kyiv, Dnipro, Mykolaiv and Zhytomyr were recent targets. Zelensky fighting on many fronts. UK sending their Defense Minister to US to discuss mutual security and the Ukraine War. There’s got to be counter plans for Putin’s aggression. Russian mobilization is ongoing and there should be rules of engagement and disengagement, set down by all interested parties. Drawback to pre 2/24 borders, by Russia, is a start! This is 2022, does the World want to repeat Stalin’s Genocide? Why would Putin stop, if there are no consequences for his brutality?

Russian forces carried out new airstrikes on Ukrainian energy facilities on Tuesday, causing several explosions in an area of northern Kyiv where there is a thermal power station. Dnipro, Mykolaiv and Zhytomyr were also targets.

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