TheVoiceOfJoyce On another front in the Ukrainian War, 118 women, mostly soldiers, were exchanged for 100 Russian troops. Many of the women were captured after the Mariupol steel plant surrendered. There was much happiness in Zaporizhzhia today. Imagine how Ukrainians will feel when millions , who were deported to Russia, return home! Lesson learned, Russia negotiates “when the price is right”!

“Mothers and daughters were in captivity and their relatives were waiting for them,” he wrote, adding that 12 civilians were among the women freed. Thirty-seven women who had been captured after Russian forces took over Mariupol’s besieged steel plant in May were also released.

Yermak described the trade as a “nervous exchange” while a series of images showed dozens of women disembarking from white buses and emotionally embracing family and friends in Zaporizhzhia, south eastern Ukraine.

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