TheVoiceOfJoyce Actually, based on my personal observations and my community, no one seems to care that 400 people a day are still dying from Covid. Unvaccinated Republicans, who are older, are 70% more likely to die of Covid. That’s someone’s grandma or grandpa! In addition, between 7.5 to 23 million Americans may have long Covid, suffering with fatigue, breathlessness, or cognitive dysfunction. More than 1 million are thought to be out of the workplace, losing $50 billion in wages. We may be through with Covid, Covid is not through with us. Ask the Europeans, Covid variants are on the rise. They come here later this season. Get your booster for the Ba 4 &5 variants, only 5% of the population has gotten their jab. Make a plan and get Vaccinated.

The cold fact that Covid-19 still kills 400 people a day in the US catches public attention more acutely than estimates of the millions suffering from long Covid, Fauci added. “People say, well, what does that mean? It’s not very concrete. And yet for the individual patient, it could be debilitating.”

The World Health Organization believes that between 10% and 20% of Covid-19 survivors have been left with lasting symptoms including breathlessness, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction that can persist long after the acute infection has resolved.

Between 7.5 million and 23 million Americans are estimated to have developed long Covid. More than 1 million people could be out of the workforce at any given time, resulting in a loss of more than $50bn in income.

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