The U.S. Never Banned Asbestos. These Workers Are Paying the Price. — ProPublica 12 Republican Attorney’s Generals are defending Ozychem & Olin against a proposed EPA ruling to Ban Asbestos. When you Vote for Republicans, you’re voting for Corporate Power over the lives of People!

To fight the proposed ban, the chemical companies have returned to a well-worn strategy and marshaled political heavyweights, including the attorneys general of 12 Republican-led states who say it would place a “heavy and unreasonable burden” on industry.

Lost in the battle is the story of what happened in the decades during which the U.S. failed to act. It’s not just a tale of workers in hardscrabble company towns who were sacrificed to the bottom line of industry, but one of federal agencies cowed again and again by the well-financed lawyers and lobbyists of the companies they are supposed to oversee.

It’s the quintessential story of American chemical regulation.
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